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North and South Dakota coverage expansion

Trimble VRS Now Network Covers More than One Million Square Miles in North America with the Acquisition of MidStates VRS

Trimble acquired MidStates VRS, a network previously owned by Butler Machinery and Frontier Precision, in September 2020. The addition of the network, located in North and South Dakota, increases the footprint of Trimble’s Virtual Reference Station (VRS) GNSS real-time correction services. Adding 105,000 square miles of coverage, the acquisition expands Trimble’s VRS Now® network to be one of the largest in North America—over 1 million square miles. Current customers will have a seamless experience during the ownership transition, and will now receive corrections that are backed by Trimble’s 24/7 advanced network management and customer care teams.

When using the Trimble VRS Now service, land and construction surveyors, GIS professionals and farmers — with a Trimble or third-party commercial GNSS receiver — can leverage instant high-accuracy corrections delivered via cellular network to improve productivity. Enabling users to work without the hassle of setting-up and maintaining a single GNSS base station, the service is cost-effective, simple to use and ideal for a variety of geospatial, construction and farming applications that require inch level vertical and sub-inch horizontal accuracy, an important component of the connected construction site and connected farm workflows.

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Trimble VRS Now

Trimble VRS Now provides high accuracy GNSS correction signals, for applications in agriculture, geospatial and construction. High accuracy GNSS correction signals allow users to achieve centimeter-level accuracy in real-time, enabling highly precise user applications such as precision farming, surveying and construction site surveying.

How Does VRS Technology Work?

Trimble VRS Now provides positioning professionals with instant access to Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Post-Processing (PP) corrections using a network of permanent (fixed) reference stations. With no base station or setup required, it is cost-effective, efficient and simple to use GPS.

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